Total Control Training Advanced Riding Clinic (TCT ARC)


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This Course TCT ARC, will NOT qualify you to bypass the DMV motorcycle driving test for your M1 license. For that, you must take the CMSP MTC.


Based on the best-selling book “Total Control” by national champion Lee Parks, the Advanced Riding Clinic takes all the advanced riding skills used by professional riders and breaks them down into easily learned lessons.


Unlike other training that teaches you riding TIPS, Total Control has a complete step-by-step TECHNOLOGY for riding that includes throttle control, braking, vision, line selection, and body position.

It also features comprehensive psychological and suspension setup instruction.

This holistic approach to rider education includes physical, mental and mechanical training by highly trained instructors with world-class coaching skills. It’s the kind of information and decision-making tools that just may save your life one day.


The course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction and is based on the most current research in rider safety utilizing modern training methods.


Whether you ride a cruiser, tourer or sportbike, the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic techniques adapt themselves to the individual rider. By the end of the day, participants are guaranteed to have:

  • A specific, measurable improvement in their riding

  • A better understanding of how their bikes work and how what they do affects their ability to maintain traction and control

  • The ability to recognize problems out on the road, know what the solution is, and be able to fix them on the fly


Join the thousands of motorcyclists who have already taken their riding to the next level with Total Control. Participants must have at least 3000 miles of street riding experience and a desire to reduce their risks through advanced skills development and a more thorough understanding of motorcycle dynamics.


The best part is how much fun you’ll have. The Clinics are done in one 9-hour day on your own motorcycle. The cost is $325, with group rates available for 10 or more attendees. The amount you’ll learn is limited only by your willingness to get better. It’s also advisable to have read the book Total Control before you get there. Copies are available at fine bookstores and on this website.


So take your skills to a whole new level by signing up for a Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic today!


This Course TCT IRC, will NOT qualify you to bypass the DMV motorcycle driving test for your M1 license. For that, you must take the CMSP MTC.