Q & A


COVID-19 State, County, and City Mandates

No one in a CMSP class may display threatening, obscene, or inappropriate political messages on clothing or helmets.

1. All students must wear a facial covering while at classroom sessions. 


  • Is there a standby/waiting list for an earlier course?                                                                               Yes, you must contact the office to be added to the list. The first person to respond will take the open spot. Seats can not be held open until everyone checks messages.                                                                                                                                                         

  • Do I still need to go to the DMV after passing the course?
    Yes, you get your license from the California DMV. We only give you the DMV DL-389 form, which may waive the riding portion of your license test. You still have to take the DMV written test. If it has been over a year since you received your car license, the DMV may ask you to take the car written test as well. If you have never had a car license and are applying for only a motorcycle license, they may also ask you to take an on road riding test. The DMV DL-389 is mailed to you within 10 business days after you complete the course. Be sure to allow time for mail delivery when making plans to visit the DMV. THE DL-389 CERTIFICATE EXPIRES ONE YEAR AFTER THE DATE IT IS ISSUED and cannot be reissued after that year. You must retake and pay the entire course again to get another.

    Note: Students with non-U.S. driver license are not eligible for a DMV DL-389. Such students are encouraged to apply for a DMV learner permit before taking the course.


  • If I’m under 18 years old, can I enroll in the course?
    If you are between 16 and 18 years old you will need the signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to take the course. Your parent or legal guardian will need to come to class with you to sign a waiver in the presence of a CMSP instructor, or other person associated with the site. A parents notarized signature on the waiver is also acceptable.


  • What if I am under 21?
    Effective January 1, 2011 (AB 1952/Niello) This new law requires a person under 21 years of age to complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s basic course at a California Motorcyclist Safety Program training site in California before being issued a motorcycle instruction permit with which to practice operating a motorcycle, and requires the permit to be held for six months before being issued a class M motorcycle driver license endorsement.


  • Can I complete 1 day on this date and the 2 day on this other date?
    NO in order for you to complete this course you MUST attend every classroom or range as given to you on your schedule. There is no substitution of days they are to be attended/completed in the format assigned.


  • Can I take the classroom and motorcycle riding on different dates?
    No, a student must first take the classroom, then followed by the motorcycle riding. The classroom and the motorcycle range will be a two different locations. Please check your paperwork as to which motorcycle range you will be using on your date.


  • Am I guaranteed to pass this course or DMV’s tests?
    NO and NO, we will do everything possible to help you be successful. However there is NO GUARANTEE that you will be 100% successful, MOST are but not all.


  • What do you mean 'successfully complete' the course?
    There are both written and riding examinations to verify your comprehension of the material which is covered in the basic course. Both of these examinations must be passed.


  • What if I am unable to pass or complete the course?
    If you are counseled out for safety reasons, you must re-enroll and take the class from the beginning at the full tuition rate. If you do not pass the skill evaluation or the written exam, you may schedule a retest. Please call the office for details. If you fail both the written exam and skills test, you must re-enroll and take the class from the beginning at the full tuition rate.


  • Why are some students not successful?
    That answer I do not have, I could say that some are due to FEAR which we discuss in the classroom. Others because of Balance, not as strong as they thought they might have been. Yet others can’t forgive themselves for making a mistake. An example is, a student knows that he/she may a mistake on an evaluations test, but can’t stop worrying about it and now it affects them in the next one.


  • I loss/did not receive my DL-389 certificate, how do I get another?
    The DMV DL-389 certificate is a legal document strictly controlled by the State. Every single certificate is recorded by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program for the California Highway Patrol. You will need to fill out and mail the Replacement DL389 form to TCT to receive a new one.


  • I already have my permit can I just take the riding part?
    No in order to successfully complete the course you must attend all sections, which is 2 Classroom Segments and 2 Motorcycle Riding Segments. Approximately 6 hours of classroom study and 10 hours of motorcycle riding.  


  • What kinds of motorcycles are provided?
    We have a mixture of styles and models from major manufacturers. All training motorcycles/scooters are required to be less than 500cc.
    We have a limited number of scooters which may be reserved when you make your reservation


  • Can I use my own motorcycle?
    Under certain conditions you may be allowed to do so, however PRIOR to doing so please call our main office number to get those conditions. DO NOT SHOW UP THE DAY OF YOUR SCHEDULED COURSE EXPECTING TO USE YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE. Please call ahead to see if this is possible with your bike.


  • What happens if it rains during the riding course?
    We ride rain or shine unless it becomes a safety hazard. This decision will not be made until the course starts. We do not provide any type of rain gear.

  • Can I use my own HELMET?
    Yes if it is at least a ¾ helmet and DOT approved. The instructor on the RANGE will inspect it, and THEY have final approval. If they determine that you cannot use it, you will have many more to choose from. As per State/CMSP regulations HALF HELMETS ARE NOT ALLOWED on our training course.


  • What Gear Do I need?